About The Podcast
The What, The Why & The How

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What exactly is the Key To Authority Podcast?
Why did I start it and How is it going to help you are some of the questions I am going to answer in this episode of the podcast.

I have launched the podcast as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Just wanted to get it going. There are lots of changes to be made and new things to be added, still working on it. If you do have any suggestions feel free to contact me.

You might not have heard of me before,
So let me share with you a little bit of what I do and why.

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In February 2008, I came to Perth, Australia (currently living) to study a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. I love solving problems and that is the biggest reason why I chose to study engineering.

During summer holidays of 2008, I was working three jobs a day, almost 12-14 hours every single day of the week. It was at the moment I realized I had no time for friends, family or even my own self. I was earning quite a bit for a poor uni student, but I had no time to spend and enjoy it. It frustrated the heck out of me.

Out of that frustration, I decided to find a better solution to the problem. I started looking online for answers and started off with a drop shipping business selling Nintendo Wiis on ebay but something in my gut didn’t feel right. Ebay was taking a fair chunk of my profit and I didn’t really see myself helping anyone or solving problems.
Then I moved to a printer ink cartridges eCommerce store and built that from scratch. Thinking that once I build it, the customers would come and hand me all their money. I waited for a whole month and got zero orders.

I realized that this whole online thing was not as easy as it seemed and when I approached a number of local SEO, social media, and internet marketing experts. They were going to charge an arm and a leg for services that they didn’t even fully understand.

Simply put they all just wanted to rip me off.
I am a firm believer of charging fairly and running an ethical business.

So I took it upon me to learn exactly how the whole internet marketing thing works. Six years of trial and error and along with thousands of dollars spent on a variety of courses, I can say that I now understand a fair amount of this Internet Marketing stuff.

Now I help business professionals, speakers and coaches to grow and establish their authority online and part of that is why I have decided to start this podcast.

What is the Key To Authority Podcast & how it helps you?

Throughout the past six years I have been consuming content like a cookie monster om nom! nom! nom!. and guess what, I still do.
I love learning and understanding how the whole marketing world works and especially the online part of it. The constantly learning helps me improve my ownself, the business of my clients and obviously my own.

From all that learning so far I have realized that there is one thing in common that would help grow a business in epic proportions. (pause)
And that is becoming the authority in your field or industry. Once you become the authority and are recognized for it, then customers come begging to you for your products and services.

I define being an Authority as getting know for what you do, why you do and how you do it.

Becoming an Authority doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort. You have to continuously work at it so that you can reap the rewards later.
There are quite a few things that you need to work upon to be known as the authority be it networking, social media, branding, mindset, online marketing, blogging, speaking, customer service, sales, and a whole lot more.

So I thought while I am learning about all this, why not share my journey with others and help em out as well. The only thing left was figuring out how I was going to do this.

I had come across podcasts before but never paid much attention till I heard Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker speaking about it at the ProBlogger 2014 conference.

There are quite a few good business podcasts out there such as the Smart Passive Income, Entrepreneur on Fire, School of Greatness and many more but the problem is that most of them are almost an hour long and have heaps of golden nuggets that it becomes really hard to remember and implement them all as well as listen to the whole episode in one seating.

After hearing Pat and Chris along with the other podcasters, the wheels were set in motion at the back of my head and few months ago the idea of “The Key To Authority Podcast” was born.

The podcast is for business professionals, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their authority in their industry.
Each podcast will feature an interview with a business authority discussing one key thing on growing authority followed by an action that you can take to help grow and establish your authority.

Each episode will be roughly 20-25 minutes max, so that you can listen it in your car or over breakfast or lunch or whenever it suits you and then implement that particular action to grow your authority.

This is going to be a journey and I would love for you to accompany me on it. So make sure you subscribe to the podcast and share it with your friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers and your wider network.

To start of the podcast, I will be publishing two episodes a week and depending on your feedback, increasing the frequency and modifying the content. I would love for this to be a two way street. Help me, help you.

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