Office 2016 is a major upgrade for Microsoft. Just as Windows 10 connects to laptops, tablets, and desktop phones together, this will add some levels of smart products. Office 2016 offers customers a better combination of offices than previous versions of the Office. One of the newest features of Microsoft Office 2016 is that it allows users to connect files, a drive, and a drive that is stored on a share point to the enterprise and grant data permissions without leaving Outlook. If you are installing Office 2016, you may get some error codes such as errors of code 30068, wrong codes 0-1011, 30088-1015, or 0-1005, and so on, and this article will tell Tell you how to fix these problems and install your Office 2016 normally.

– Error code 30068

Restart your computer and reinstall Office. Check that MSC is disabled for the service. Go to start + R to open the Run command > type service. Click OK > > look for Microsoft Office Click to run service Options > > Check the status; If disabled, right-click to open Properties > > on the  “General ” tab of the  “Startup type ” Drop-down list, select Manual automatically, click  “Apply “, and then OK. Install Office again to see if all the issues are resolved.

– Error code 0-1011, 30088-1015, or 0-1005

This error typically occurs because of network connectivity issues or insufficient hard disk memory space.

  • Turn off anti-virus software temporarily
  • Shut down the firewall temporarily
  • If possible, please use the wired Internet connection.
  • Install the office at home to eliminate Internet connectivity issues.

– Error code 30125-4 or 30125-1011

With the above error 21 like to solve this problem.

– Error code 12002-4, 12007-4, or 12152-4

This error is due to limited Internet connectivity, antivirus software, firewalls, proxy server settings, and other causes.

– Error code 0-3

You see this error when a previously installed Office product fails because of any unknown issues. Use the control Panel to repair your office. To repair Office from the Control Panel, follow these steps. The repair process depends primarily on the operating system that the user uses.

– Error code 30169-22

You can resolve this error by restarting the device or by completely removing Office and restarting the installation process.

– Error code 30102-11, 30102-13, 30103-11, or 30103-13

This error occurs because of an operating system setup error or disk space memory issue.

Here is a detailed explanation of the workaround with error code 30094

Method 1: Remove the temporary files from the system: You can delete the temporary files in Windows 10 by using the  Disk Cleanup  method.

  • Go to “Start ” menu and select Settings
  • Go to “system ” option, then store
  • Move from storage to this PC > temp file
  • Under Temporary files , select  Delete files , and then click  Yes .

Now restart the system and install Office 2016 again. If the issue is related to a temporary file, it will install correctly and then follow the next step.

Method 2: Fix installed MS Office 2016: If you are facing problems with MS Office installed, then we can repair MS Office 2016 by following methods.

  • Go to Control Panel, and then programs and features
  • Select MS Office from the list of installed programs
  • Click the Change button at the top
  • A new MS Office dialog box will appear
  • Select “Online repair ” from  “options “, and then click  “Repair “
  • The process will start, and if any errors are found, they will be repaired.

Method 3: Uninstalling and reinstalling the Office: o15ctrremove Diagcab file by using the O15ctrremove file is a simple fix solution that can completely uninstall Office 2016 with all files. Follow the steps given:

  • Download O15ctrremove diagcab file from the Microsoft Office Support Web portal
  • Double-click the O15ctrremove file to run the Easy repair
  • It will start “office uninstall ” window, follow the instructions that appear and uninstall Office 2016
  • Click Restart to set changes after successful uninstallation
  • Now install Office 2016 again in the system.

You can also check whether the system is configured for MS Office 2016 based on the version of Windows. The above method typically uses the 30094 error code when installing Office.

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