KTA 001: Key To Surviving The Digital Age

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Listen to KTA 001:
Key To Surviving The Digital Age

Since it is the launch episode, I have got a really special guest for you. He is the CEO of Business News, Business News is the largest independently-owned media organisation in WA.
He lectures (time to time) in ebusiness on the MBA program at UWA Business School, likes spending as much time as possible among the high tech start-up community in Perth, and is passionate about how businesses can harness the power of digital.

The guest I am talking about is non other than Charlie Gunningham.

Originally from the UK, Charlie worked in Singapore for 8 years before landing in Perth in 1997. Graduating as top MBA student from UWA Business School in 1999, he set up aussiehome.com, an online real estate business, which he ran for 10 years until it was acquired by REIWA in 2010. Charlie then ran reiwa.com until 2013 when he joined Business News.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Charlie’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Why Charlie would time travel using Dr.Who’s Tardis
  • The Key To Surviving The Digital Age
  • How to create value for your customer
  • Differentiating your Users and Customers
  • Getting to a Minimum Viable Product
  • What Air BNB, Uber, Facebook have in common
  • Why you should find time for yourself
  • Charlie’s Dad’s story that relates to your business
  • What you should be thinking about in your business, always

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Your Action For Today

The key takeaway from today’s episode was to disrupt your own business and keep learning constantly. So make sure you have a look at what you can disrupt in your business and subscribe to this podcast to continue your learning journey.

Launch Contest

To thank you for being some of the first listeners of the podcast I am running a contest with some awesome prizes. The contest is going to run till the 26th of April 2015. There are five awesome prizes to be won and each prize will be revealed at the end of each episode for the .

To be in the running you simply have to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review on itunes or on stitcher.

One of the prizes for the contest is an 8-week trial of the business news paper delivered straight to your home or office. Totally free with no obligations.

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Thanks Charlie for sharing your insights and knowledge in surviving the digital age


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