KTA 002: Key To A Successful Networking Mindset

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Business Networking Mindset

Listen to KTA 002: Key To A Successful Networking Mindset

Today we are going to talk about something that every single business person should be doing and should be good at. It is something without which offline Authority is hard to achieve and if done correctly you would be gaining clients left, right and center.

What I am talking about is Business Networking. Most of the people get Networking wrong and few years ago, I was one of them. I used to think networking is about handing out as many business cards as possible and trying to find your customers at that event and then selling them your products or services. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After meeting today’s guest few years ago, my understanding of networking changed completely and I got to understand what exactly it is and how to get the most out of it. Networking is about building relationships by giving and helping each other out.

One of the first things he had taught me was that you never know what might come out of meeting other people, till you meet them and build a relationship by following up, keeping in touch and providing value.

The guest I am talking about is Ron Gibson. My mentor, My business partner and My Friend.

Ron is a leading professional expert in business relationships, networking and word of mouth referrals, and will give you the answers to those questions that have been holding you back in your networking and business development success.

Over the past few years, Ron has taught me quite a few things. From what to do at a networking event, how to follow up, what to say during a coffee meeting, how to build upon the relationship, how to get referrals and a lot more.

One of the things he taught me was having the right networking mindset and that is what I discuss with him on this interview.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • What Universities and Schools don’t teach
  • The key to developing a successful business networking mindset
  • Why understanding your value and the other people’s value important
  • How to create value for yourself
  • Develop an understanding of other people’s value
  • Examples of value creation
  • What you should be thinking when meeting a new person
  • How to introduce two people, the right way
  • How to get introductions for yourself
  • Why “Work the room” is the wrong mindset

Quotes from the episode

Links and Resources Mentioned

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Your Action For Today

Today’s action for you is to organise a three-way coffee catchup and introduce two people, whom you think might benefit from knowing each other with no strings attached or any hidden agendas.

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To thank you for being some of the first listeners of the podcast I am running a contest with some awesome prizes. The contest is going to run till the 26th of April 2015. There are five awesome prizes to be won and each prize will be revealed at the end of each episode for the .

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One of the prizes for the contest is an hour with Ron be it in person or on skype which Ron has generously donated. In that hour he will help you form a great business networking strategy and answer any questions you might have for him. The hour with him is simply invaluable.

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Thanks Ron for sharing your insights and knowledge about developing a successful business networking mindset


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