KTA 003: Key To Story Telling In Public Speaking

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KTA 003: Key To Story Telling In Public Speaking

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Key To Story Telling In Public Speaking


To grow a business really quickly you need to reach out to your clients on a one to many level so that you can make the best use of your time and efforts. One such strategy is public speaking.

So if you are speaking in your industry about what you do and positioning yourself as an expert then you are already miles ahead of your competition. When it comes to public speaking, it takes practice and effort to master the craft but there are certain aspects of it that you could tweak or edit to create a massive difference in your presentation or speech.

One such tweak is the art of story telling, if you try to recall a good presentation or a workshop that you last attended. I bet what you remember from it would be a story that was told during that presentation.

Such is the power of story telling. It hooks people in and imprints the principle in their brains. Story telling is an art and that is the topic of today’s interview.

Today’s guest is Tom Murrell, an international business speaker who has devoted his entire career to the power of the spoken word. Tom is recognized by his peers as a Certified Speaking Professional or CSP, this is the industry’s highest award and there are only 53 people with this in the whole of the Asia Pacific Region.

In a former life he was a radio & TV presenter, executive producer and Senior Media Executive … describing his 12 years at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as an “apprenticeship”.

There are quite a few aha moments in this interview so make sure you have a pen and paper handy.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • What Tom has done so far in the media field/industry
  • The Key To Story Telling In Public Speaking
  • What exactly a Signature Story is?
  • The structure and framing of stories – Story, Point, Benefit
  • How to build anchor points in your personal story
  • Elements of a story you should have in your story
  • Why having images in the background is bad while telling a story
  • What your audience should be doing during your story
  • How to use vocal variety to emphasize a point
  • What to do while giving a PowerPoint presentation
  • Discover what the DARE principle is all about. Learnt from Tony Robbins
  • Why Tom did three presentations a day?
  • Using a pull strategy instead of a push strategy

Quotes from the episode


Links and Resources Mentioned

  • SiteGround – WordPress Specialized Web Hosting
  • The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell – Get it on Audible for free

Get in touch with Tom

Your Action For Today

Today’s action is for you to start a habit of journalling your day to day stories and whenever you are speaking at an event or your next workshop make sure you research the audience and use a story that links back to them.

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To thank you for being some of the first listeners of the podcast I am running a contest with some awesome prizes. The contest is going to run till the 26th of April 2015. There are five awesome prizes to be won and each prize will be revealed at the end of each episode for the .

To be in the running you simply have to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review on itunes or on stitcher.

One of the prizes for the contest is an hour with Tom be it in person or on skype which Tom has generously donated. In that hour he will help you improve your public speaking techniques and answer any questions you might have for him. The time with him is simply invaluable.

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Thanks Tom for sharing your insights and knowledge about developing a signature story when it comes to public speaking.


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4 Comments on “KTA 003: Key To Story Telling In Public Speaking”

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  2. Great episode. I enjoy it very much and I have learnt a lot from this. This is a great initiative from Jenish as this provides awesome learning opportunities.

  3. Thanks Jenish and Tom…some great information and reminders. If folks are interested in the “10,000 hour rule” that Tom refers to in reference to Malcolm Gladwell’s research/work-it is fully explored in the book “Outliers” which is equally as interesting to read as “The Tipping Point” also written by Gladwell. Great initiative Jenish!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Troy and recommending those two books, they are on my next to read/listen list I have been told they are really great.
      I have gone through the book “Contagious” How things catch on by Jonah Berger and it was inspired from the Tippping point. You might want to check that out if you liked both of Malcolm’s books.

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