KTA 010: Key To “YOU” As The Brand Experience

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Listen to KTA 010: Key To “YOU” As The Brand Experience

Jeff Bezos from Amazon.com said that “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

And guess what, if you want what they say to be positive then you have to make sure that what they experience from your brand is nothing short of awesome.

When it comes to Personal Branding not only is it important to define it correctly and build it online as well as offline but also you have to make sure that it provides people with a memorable experience.

To discuss how your clients and customers can experience “You” as the brand, I have invited along Sharron Attwood from Brand Etiquette to share some insights into this.

Sharron believes in the value a strong personal brand can add to both your business and personal life, drawing on a variety of skills, training and a solid background in the personal development industry.

As much as this is her business – Personal Branding is her passion as well.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Sharron started her company, Brand Etiquette
  • Sharron’s unique blend of skill-set
  • Key to people experiencing “YOU” as the Brand
  • What a personal brand is?
  • How to go about creating your brand by getting the sense of yourself
  • The difference of online and offline personal brand
  • Being authentic as part of your Personal brand
  • Oprah’s journey of her life and how it can help build your brand experience
  • The damage preconceived ideas of your brand can bring
  • How to differentiate your brand and your business’ brand
  • Listening to feedback and how it can help you grow

Quotes from the episode

Links and Resources Mentioned

  • Get Response – Email Marketing and Autoresponder Service
  • Sell Your Story – Brand stories that inspire, influence and ignite business success. The book that Sharron is featured in, get your copy now.

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Your Action For Today

Today’s action for you is to develop a habit of “Listening to Feedback about How people interpret you, your message and how well connected you are to your brand” and then working on that feedback to better your brand experience.

Thanks for Listening!

Thanks so much for joining us again this week.
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