KTA 015: Key To Face 2 Face Communication

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Networking the right way, is something every single person has to learn. Especially if you are serious about building your Authority. Attending networking events and connecting with the people you talk to is crucial and that is where face 2 face communications comes in.

In today’s episode we talk to Fleur Allen about the key to face 2 face communications when it comes to networking events.

Fleur Allen is a business owner and master networker empowering people in business and to receive the right, up-to-date education.

She has a 27-year professional career across many industries actively networking to make new connections and new business as a business owner and networking trainer. Presenting Out of the Box Biz Monthly business networking and education events to provide an efficient way to educate and train professionals and business owners in all aspects of business.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Fleur started a Networking based business from an online art gallery business
  • Key to face 2 face communications
  • Connecting instantly with someone in a networking situation
  • How to bring your business card to life when have a face 2 face interaction
  • One thing to start doing at Networking events to remember the people you have met
  • How to be remembered and stand out at a Networking event
  • Creating trust with your new connection
  • Generating confidence at a Networking event, even for the first timers at a networking event
  • The strategy that Fleur uses to effectively grow her Network
  • What to do when you don’t know anyone at a networking event
  • Building instant rapport when you don’t know a lot of people at the event

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Your Action For Today

Today’s action for you is to commit time and effort to face 2 face communications and events while making sure the events are a good match for you, your personality, your business and your business goals.

Also don’t forget to register for the next Out of the Box Biz event on 10th June 2015, where Tim Wise will be presenting on “Storytelling to Influence, Inspire and Increase Business Profits“.

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