KTA 021: Key To Delivering A Powerful Presentation

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Listen to KTA 021: Key To Delivering A Powerful Presentation

Presentation skills are one of the most profitable skills you can learn in modern business.

Being able to engage your audience and get your message across is a vital communication skill. Whether it is to an audience of 1 or 1,000 the ability to prepare, present and persuade is an essential life and business skill.

Dynamic, Inspiring and Commercially Savvy are all words that are used by her clients to describe our guest, Paula Smith

Paula is a serial entrepreneur and best selling Author. Her publications include Speaking in the Shower, Powerful Presentation Principles and the very new Sell Your Story. She helps Entrepreneurs and Experts to grow their business and their brand through speaking.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How the business that Paula started as a 19 year old led to what she is doing now
  • The Key to delivering a powerful presentation
  • About the three books that Paula has published
  • Powerful Presentation Principle #1: Start with the end in mind
  • Powerful Presentation Principle #7: Don’t talk to strangers
  • Powerful Presentation Principle #16: Have a conversation
  • Identifying the different types of your audiences
  • The VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) learning style model
  • Tools/Techniques to use in your presentation to cater for different types of audiences
  • How to bring in Authenticity in your presentation

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Your Action For Today

Today’s action for you is to Say Yes more often to the next opportunity to present and don’t let nerves stand in your way. The more you speak, the more you get in front of an audience. You will realize that it is not that scary.

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