KTA 028: Key To Dominating The Facebook Algorithm

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Key To Authority - KTA 028 Key To Dominating The Facebook Algorithm

Listen to KTA 028: Key To Dominating The Facebook Algorithm

Social Media is a rapidly evolving arena and every single platform comes with its own set of tricks. To grow your Authority, you need to be active on the platform where your audience is hanging out and dominating it.

We have had a chat about LinkedIn in previous episodes with Jo Saunders and Linda Le, now today it is the time for Facebook.

Facebook is the biggest of all the social media platforms when it comes to number of active users and average time spent by each user. It is great for businesses as it provides a great space for creating a conversation with customers.

In today’s episode we talk about the key to dominating the Facebook algorithm with Ming Johanson from OTOTGo

Ming is a crusader for changing the box to fit the big picture stuff of your business & she works out the best ways that the social media stuff achieves tangible outcomes.

OTOTGo is about developing digital marketing solutions around what you have and help put in place the things you need along with identifying the places you can be leveraging to better build brand advocates and increase profitability.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Ming accidentally started her social media business
  • What excites Ming about Facebook and her business.
  • Key To Dominating The Facebook Algorithm
  • The purpose of the Facebook algorithm
  • What exactly is engaging content on social media and how to go about creating it
  • The good mix of different types of content and what works best (text, images, video)
  • How to find the demographics of your Audience
  • What not to do when it comes to Facebook Advertising

Quotes from the episode

Links and Resources Mentioned

Get in contact with Ming

  • OTOTGO – Ming’s social media marketing agency
  • Email her on info [at] ototgo.com.au

Your Action For Today

Today’s action for you is to start asking questions of your audience to find out more about them. Learn more about who they actually are. Have a look at your insights and see if you have the right audience in the first place.

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