KTA 040: Key To Building A Community Around Your Blog

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Key To Authority - KTA 040 Key To Building A Community Around Your Blog

Listen to KTA 040: Key To Building A Community Around Your Blog

This episode marks the 6 month anniversary of the podcast, the first episode with Charlie Gunningham was released on 14th April and since then we have had 39 more guests. If you love what you are hearing please leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

Blogging can be a really useful activity for building your authority but to make it extraordinarily valuable you need to work on building a community around your blog. Having loyal readers who will engage with you and each other, share your content and have you top of mind is an essential part of blogging that many people overlook in favour of getting their content high in search results.

Before you can build a community around your blog, you need to figure out either who you want to have in your community or who is already there. You also need to have enough of your personality in your blog so your readers feel that they know who is leading this community. And then it gets fun: finding creative and unique ways to involve your blogging community can lead to all kinds of rewards.
When it comes to positioning yourself as an authority in your space, there is no better way to do this than via a blog. But why is a blog so good for this? It’s because blogs are amazing for creating connections – and it’s connections that help us build authority. But why is a blog so good for creating connections? That’s what we’re going to find out today with Amanda Kendle.

Amanda is a blogger and social media consultant who started her travel blog, Not A Ballerina, over ten years ago.

Since then she has run dozens of blogging and social media courses through the University of Western Australia’s community program, and also runs private training and consulting for small businesses, creatives and not-for-profits. Her passion, though, is travelling, and she has built a thriving community of like-minded travel-lovers through her travel blog.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Amanda became a blogger before she knew what a blogger was.
  • Why she keeps blogging even after 10 years
  • Key to building a community around your blog
  • The analytics and measurement you should worry about when it comes to a blog
  • The first step to building a community – Know Your Reader Profile
  • The second step is to make sure your community really knows you – Finding Your Blogging Voice
  • The third step is to involve your community with your blog
  • Examples of what Amanda has done to involve her community – Instagram Challenge, Send a Postcard
  • How to run a social media challenge for your audience
  • Why offline events are important in building a community
  • The right time to start building a community

Quotes from the episode

Links and Resources Mentioned

  • Kelly Exeter – Key To Creating A connection Through Your Blog
  • Shannon Bush – Key To Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Fat Mum Slim – Great community building organised by Chantelle
  • #mylocalworld – The Instagram challenge Amanda ran for her community

Get in contact with Amanda

Your Action For Today

First Action is to nail down your reader avatar, think hard and write down the characteristics of your ideal reader or an existing reader.

Second is a challenge to find a new way to involve your blogging community more in the blogs, think outside the square, be a bit creative. Think about for the niche, what could work to get readers really excited and really feeling that you are doing it for them.

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