KTA 046: Key To Growing And Building A Community

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Have you ever wondered why people love going to live concerts event though the audio quality is not as good as what you would get in iTunes or Spotify?

The biggest reason I believe that is the case is people love being part of a community, they love spending time with people who have common interests, they enjoy the whole tribe experience when at a concert.

That is the feeling, the connection that we as business owners, professional speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs need to create among our audience by building a community around what we are doing. A community behind you helps elevate your Authority status really quickly

In this episode Robert Gerrish shares the key to growing and building a community. He has run several successful businesses so far and is the person to talk about engaged communities as he has done it himself.

Robert Gerrish is the founding director of Flying Solo an online solo and micro business community, boasting a membership of over 80,000 Australian businesses. A further 40,000 connect via their social media channels.

Each day their site, online forums and social networks welcome over 5,000 visitors and around the country Flying Solo meetup groups gather to share ideas and strategies.

Robert’s been a business commentator on ABC Four Corners, A Current Affair, Sky Business, Fairfax Digital, 2UE and ABC Radio. He’s been a regular video blogger for CBS and presents the fortnightly Flying Solo podcast.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • From running a successful marketing agency to a coach to starting the biggest small business forum: Flying Solo – The journey of Robert Gerrish
  • The secret to Flying Solo’s success of growing to 81,000 members +
  • How Kelly Exeter became the editor of Flying Solo
  • What Flying Solo does differently to all the other Forums/Communities to keep their members engaged and serve them better
  • What the Flying Solo Independents’ day is all about
  • Key To Growing And Building A Community
  • Why the Flying Solo forum was buzzing and full of activity when it initially launched
  • The importance of having an opinion and using it to get more exposure
  • If Robert was to start the Flying Solo forum now, how would he go about it
  • The questions to ask yourself to help create a better and an engaged community
  • How a quantity surveyor built a tribe of architects – Satisfying the needs of our tribe
  • Why you should become an investigative journalist
  • The moment when Robert would pop open a champagne bottle to celebrate the achievements of Flying Solo
  • What Robert is going to do differently to achieve those champagne bottle achievements for Flying Solo

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Robert Gerrish’s Vision board

Robert Gerrish vision board

Your Action For Today

Build a tangible profile of your ideal customer using a vision board and take part in the Flying Solo Independents’ day.

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