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Listen to KTA 052: Key To Do It Yourself SEO

Knowing about the fundamentals of SEO is absolutely necessary to help build your authority. Kate Toon shares the exact fundamentals of SEO you should be working on to improve the search engine rankings of your website and she also dives into the importance of content marketing and how that plays a role in attracting customers through search results.

Along with that there is a lot more chat about strategies, techniques & tools when it comes to Do It Yourself SEO to help grow your Authority.

Kate Toon is an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. She has worked with big brands such as Westpac, The RTA, Curash and Kmart. And she’s helped countless small businesses produce great content and improve their SEO.

Kate is also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse, as well as co-host on the Hot Copy Podcast.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Kate got started in Copywriting and SEO
  • The strategies and techniques Kate used to grow her business when starting out
  • Key To Do It Yourself SEO
  • Tools and Resources to find out the truth about SEO
  • The basics of SEO that you must know about
  • How creating content helps your SEO rankings
  • The strategy to follow when selecting what keywords to target
  • How to earn and build backlinks
  • Supercharging your content to create engagement
  • How to re-purpose and get the most out of your content .
  • The top tip and action about do it yourself SEO
  • What you should do with with your images to help improve your search results

Quotes from the episode

Links and Resources Mentioned

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Your Action For Today

Set up your website on Google Search Console and test the crawlability, the speed of your site and anything else that Google asks you to fix. If you are stuck and need help, checkout some videos on YouTube for direction.

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4 Comments on “KTA 052: Key To Do It Yourself SEO”

  1. Great podcast. Thanks heap Janish and Kate lots tips. The best tip with it takes time and I don’t have to worry about putting the key phrases in my content.

    1. Julie,

      Thanks for dropping by. yeah no need to overstuff the keywords, what i would add on top is target one keyword on one page/post and you will see how it will helps overtime.
      Do let me know if there are other questions. Happy to answer them.

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