KTA 054: Key To Creating A Memorable Presentation With Lisa Evans

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Key To Creating A Memorable Presentation With Lisa Evans

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Ever delivered a presentation and realised that it didn’t quite hit the spot? Then find out about the special sauce when it comes to creating memorable presentations from Lisa Evans in this episode of the Key To Authority podcast.

Lisa Evans founder of Speaking Savvy, is an award winning speaker, a certified speaking and storytelling coach, a TEDx speaker coach who helps people globally to use their voice as a powerful tool to share their message, as we all have stories worth sharing.

For the past 6 years Lisa has been passionate about speaking and has a love of empowering others to learn to speak confidently and use their stories to create change. Lisa works with executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to help them be the best speaker they can be.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Lisa Evans became a Public Speaking Coach
  • Key To Creating A Memorable Presentation
  • The Hamburger technique (the three Ps):
    • Planning
    • Preparation
    • Practice
  • The questions to ask during yourself during planning stage
  • How to make your key message sticky and memorable
  • What to consider when preparing your presentation
  • Why practicing your presentation is more important than you think
  • The special sauce that you should add in your memorable presentation
  • The extra extra special sauce (three Cs):
    • Courage
    • Clarity
    • Charisma
  • The four Rs of storytelling:
    • Real
    • Relevant
    • Relatable
    • Rehearse
  • The five Cs of structuring your stories:
    • Context
    • Conflict
    • Characters
    • Cure
    • Change

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Your Action For Today

Get out there and start sharing you story and message with everyone using the hamburger with special sauce technique.

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