KTA 055: Key To Creating A Solid Web Strategy With Adam Franklin

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Key To Creating A Solid Web Strategy With Adam Franklin

Listen to KTA 055: Key To Creating A Solid Web Strategy With Adam Franklin


Feel lost in the whole web marketing world? Where to start? What to do? This episode will help solve all that, Adam Franklin from Bluewire Media shares the recipe of a solid web strategy that will help you take your speaking and coaching business to the next level. He talks about flagship content, email sequences, content marketing, building relationships and a lot more.

Adam Franklin is the Amazon #1 best selling author of Web Marketing That Works (Wiley & Sons 2014), an entrepreneur, business owner and marketer who lives and breathes social media, content marketing and inbound marketing.

His Bluewire Media blog is Australia’s #1 business blog and he has written for The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and Smart Company. Adam has been interviewed on 2UE, 4BC and ABC612 radio. He speaks with ‘in the trenches‘ experience from running his own company for 10 years. He also sends his weekly Bluewire News email to over 20,000 marketers worldwide.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Adam’s definition of Authority
  • How Adam and Toby started Bluewire Media
  • The Key to creating a solid web strategy
    • Understand your buyer
    • Creating your flagship content
    • Writing your email sequence
    • Using content marketing
    • Growing through social media
  • How to go about creating your flagship content
  • Why giving a lot of value to your customers could be harmful
  • Creating an email sequence for your flagship content
  • How to generate traffic through content marketing
  • Using the power of social media to amplify your reach
  • Importance of building relationships through snail mail
  • How to stop getting caught up in the shiny object syndrome

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Get in contact with Adam

  • Adam’s Website where you can download the 33 marketing Templates – Bluewire Media
  • Follow him on Twitter
  • Email him at – adam.franklin(at)bluewiremedia.com.au

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