KTA 056: Key To Marketing An Online Course Successfully With Katie Wyatt

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Key To Marketing An Online Course Successfully With Katie Wyatt

Listen to KTA 056: Key To Marketing An Online Course Successfully With Katie Wyatt


When it comes to online courses, marketing is the key. You might have created the world’s best course but if no one knows about it then it doesn’t matter. In this episode Katie Wyatt holds nothing back when it comes to how she went regards successfully marketing her podcasting course to grow her authority using webinars, Facebook ads and groups. She shares shares the challenges faced and lessons learnt.

Katie is a business coach, trainer & podcaster who helps passionate wellness entrepreneurs to simplify online business so they can start making money fast, leverage their time and expertise and amplify their brand and ultimately make more money and have more impact on the health and wellbeing of the world.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Katie defines Authority and what she believes to be The Key To Authority
  • What got Katie involved in Health & Wellness
  • Importance of a staged approach when transition from a full time job to your own business
  • Key to marketing an online course successfully
  • How to prove that there is a need for your online course
  • The most important thing to keep in mind while developing the content of your course
  • Why you should pre-sell your course before creating it
  • Using Facebook groups to market your course and building your profile
  • Getting JV Partners & Affiliates onboard and running webinars to build buzz in pre launch
  • Creating a timeline for your marketing activities of the course
  • Getting traffic and leads using Facebook Ads for your online course
  • Learning from your past launches and improving on the next one

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